’ I first stepped into one of Mimi’s classes for 5 minutes. The energy I felt was so great I kept coming back to her other classes. It allowed me to tap in within and get some body movement going. One of my favorite yoga instructors, ever.’’ Aly Chaw – Panama

‘’ I had several classes with Mimi and it was a wonderful experience. I am not experienced in Yoga and flexible at all. I felt a bit insecure before I started but Mimi makes you feel comfortable and explains that it is not about being flexible, but connecting the mind and the body. After her classes I was totally relaxed and felt reborn. She is a warm, calm, funny and friendly personality and is able to make feel anyone at home. Highly recommend her classes!’’ Michelle Maree – Netherlands

‘’ Mimi is an amazing teacher. She is patient and kind. She will listen to you if you need, and she has great calm positive energy. She does great adjustments to your poses and helps you understand yourself in the pose and helps you push yourself while also relaxing and being present. But don’t get me wrong, her classes are also going to challenge you. One of my favourite yoga teachers I’ve ever experienced.’’ Amber Richards – USA

’ I like Mimi’s Yoga classes a lot, because she makes me feel comfortable and save and knows exactly how to match that point not to push you too much and still invites you to expand your stretches. Mimi is a very insightful and trustable person who takes care of details and everybody wellbeing. I met Mimi while traveling, as I got to know her closer I was surprised how much deep travelling experiences she has made. Mimi’s story really inspired me to travel more and to take more time for myself to connect to my body.’’ Sylvia Weinheimer – Germany